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Mice and Rats might be cute to some people but they are definitely a household pest that needs to be controlled.

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I have some kind of Rodent in my house: Mouse or Rat... which is it?

Mice or House Mouse

A mouse measures between just under 5 inches to about 8 inches in length, including their tail. They weigh around 1/2 oz. to just over an ounce. They come in white, brown & grey in color. Their noses or snouts are triangular shaped and have long whiskers. Mice have rather large, floppy ears & long, thin, hairy tails. Mice are nocturnal and prefer to forage for food and come out at night time in the dark. They are timid, social & territorial in nature.

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Rats are medium to large sized rodents with long tails that are usually hairless and scaly. They are also nocturnal preferring to stay out of the light. Rats may grow to over 15 inches weigh quite a bit more than a mouse. Their fur is white, gray, brown or black and they are often filthy enough to leave "grease" marks on anything they touch. The snout or nose of the rat is more blunt than the nose on a mouse.

Why Rats & Mice can be dangerous to your health

Diseases that rodents can carry include:

  • Hantavirus
  • Arenavirus
  • Ebola Virus
  • Hemorrhagic Fever
  • Bubonic Plague or Black Plague

These diseases are most often carried in the urine and feces of the rats and mice. It is important to avoid contact with the waste of mice and rats. In addition, rats and mice can carry parasites such as fleas that can cause illness and discomfort to your family.