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There are over 2000 species of fleas!

Did you know that not only can fleas be annoying but they can also carry serious diseases! Fleas have been know to transmit Bubonic Plagues from rodents to humans causing serious illness and even death.

The most common household flea is the cat flea. Fleas are parasites and feed off of the blood of animals... including you and me. The irritation caused by a flea "bite" is actually caused by the saliva from the flea. Many people have little to no reaction to it but some have more severe reactions including bumps and itching. Walking across the carpet in a room where fleas have laid eggs will stimulate them to emerge from their pupa stage and attack.

Interesting facts about fleas and flea infestations...

Fleas can remain frozen for a year and survive and also go months without eating... until you wake them up!

A female flea can lay up to 2000 eggs in her lifetime. She can lay as many as 50 eggs per day. Under ideal circumstances, with all of her offspring surviving and breeding themselves, 1 pair of fleas could produce 2 Trillion descendants in 9 months!

Flea exterminators kill fleas

Flea Treatments - How can I get rid of fleas!

Fleas live not only on your pets but in your carpet, furniture and maybe even on you. There are several treatments for fleas. Not all flea treatments work in all circumstances.

Flea Bombs or Total Release Aerosols

While tempting to try, this type of flea treatment produces tiny droplets from the aerosol spray it emits which can kill lots of fleas on the surface of your furniture and carpets but may not get down into the base of your carpets or crevices in flooring and counters.

Ultrasonic Flea Treatments

Don't fall for these misleading advertisements. The ultrasonic flea collars and flea treatments do not work!

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Flea exterminators kill fleas