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Finding Bed Bugs Using Bed Bug Detecting Dogs!

First, we find the bed bugs! Using our secret weapons in the fight...

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We specialize in getting rid of Bed Bugs with our safe heat killing method!

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We Can Find Bed Bugs Including Their Eggs!

Bed bug detecting dogs Cleveland

We use several bed bug detecting dogs just like this one to find bed bugs in all of their stages including their eggs.

What do bed bugs look like

Our Bed Bug Detecting Dogs are the best way to find bed bugs and their eggs

Specially trained bed bug detection K-9's have been shown to be 98% more effective in the detection of the elusive bed bugs and their eggs.

Bed Bug Exterminators in Cuyahoga County Ohio

Our K9 bed bug detectives serve as a preventative measure against bed bug infestations by performing monthly and quarterly bed bug inspections in your home, office or commercial location.

Why Certified Bed Bug K9's?

  1. Our K9 Bed Bug Inspectors helps us deliver more accurate results, thereby reducing follow up visits. For schools, hotels, dormitories, and other areas, the savings can be significant.
  2. Safety - Our K9s are part of Certified's committment to safe integrated pest management. We target our control applications which protects you, your family or business, and the environment.
  3. Honesty - Our K9s love the work they do... and they work for the love and attention we give them. They'll find the bed bugs when an infestation occurs, and will give you peace of mind that your environment is "all clear" when they don't.
  4. Efficiency - Certified Bed Bug K9s can inspect for and detect bed bugs quicker than any other method. In situations where time is of the essence, an accurate inspection can be completed and effectively resolve any issues. For example, with real estate transactions, Certified Bed Bug K9s help make sure any issues are handled quickly.
  5. Fun - Our Bed Bug Detection dogs are hard working professionals. They are also a lot of fun to work with!

They may find bed bug eggs laid in tight spaces or even in plain sight

Bed bugs are small and can be difficult to see or detect visually. Let our expert K9 bed bug dogs provide comfort of mind by determining if you do or do not have bed bugs in your home

What can I do to prevent bed bugs?

Visit Certified Pest Control's Bed Bug Prevention page here.